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Pass ta’ Nemla


Pass ta’ Nemla is a TV show, all about animals, on NET TV, presented by Glorianne Zammit Saliba Toledo. Yet we believe it is more that just a TV show. Whilst we recognise that in the animal world change takes it’s time (hence Pass ta’ Nemla), we aim to be an open platform of discussion for all those that share our values on animals. We also believe that education and awareness are key aspects for change. And finally, we want to inspire people to make a difference in the lives of the many animals, our biodiversity and the environment. 

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Our Causes

Every month we fundraise for an Animal NGO in need!

hope love & paws

A fundraising campaign in aid of AAA – Association for Abandoned Animals. Let’s give HOPE to the animals they LOVE and care for. Your donation can make a difference. This month you can help us raise funds and at the same time get a set of beautiful Christmas cards,

What to do

Important Information

Injured Pets

If you find an injured dog, cat or any injured domestic animal you need to call Animal Welfare on 1717.

wildlife rescue

If you find an injured wild animal like a hedgehog, snake, chameleon, bat or a turtle call Nature Trust Malta on 99999505


If you find an injured wild bird possibly as a result of hunting call BirdLife Malta on 2134 7645. Click here for moe info.

Spay & Nuter

Contact AAA on 79730921 to ask if you qualify for a neutering voucher for your dogs.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We are led by our compassion for all animals. Our firm belief that all sentient beings have the right to live a free life and that no animal should be exploited for any purpose.

Get Involved

If you wish to support or volunteer in an animal NGO send us an email on info@passtanemla.com . There are many animal NGOs that need the help you can give, whether it is a few hours a week or more.

Upcoming Events

Nov 25

On Friday 25th November we will get together to eat and dine and support CSAF cat sanctuary so that they can continue doing what they are already doing; save and care for many stray and abandoned cats. 7.30pm at Bukkun, Mosta. See you there!

5 minute features on local fauna by experts

Animal Features


Jeffrey Scibberas
Animal educator


Charles Gauci

Friefet il-Lejl

Elena Portelli

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With over 70 years of experience Borg Cardona & Co Ltd are leading experts in pets and farm animals in general. Together with knowledge and expertise Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd are currently representing over 50 brands directly such as Royal Canin, Merial , Camon, Duvo +, Pet Safe, Busy Buddy, Net-Tex, Candioli , Cede, Veronesi, and Travipharma.